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Hot weather-and your precious plants

Hot weather Hot weather I am writing this post because I am not sure that the large population of immigrant growers understand that the UK can be a very hot place. So this July (2012) is proving a point. Hot weather can be a disaster to all kind of plants. Especially if you are using […]

Yellowing Leaves

Yellowing Leaves Yellowing Leaves So, here in the UK we are at last enjoying some warm sunny weather. Ironically, this is the time to keep your eyes open for the tell tale signs of your plants leaves “yellowing”. Change of climate and temperature is one of the things that can effect your plants and witnessing […]

Tap or Rain Water

Tap or Rain Water Tap or Rain Water So in my mind then this is a no brainer. However, collecting rainwater can be difficult for many people. The internet is awash with companies selling water collecting tanks. Coincidently, then I m looking at a good product from a Lincolnshire company “Enduramaxx” for yet another storage […]

Foliar Feeding or Not

Foliar Feeding Foliar Feeding So, the truth is that I have only tried foliar feed once and that was earlier this year. Because I write this blog for a well known Hydrostore here in Yorkshire then I often get free samples to test. So I started to feed a couple of my lemon tress with […]

Conventional or Hydroponic growing methods

Conventional or Hydroponic Conventional or Hydroponic So, because I am an old style gardener, then this dilemma has come to me at a late age. Excitingly, though then I have decided to “raise the gauntlet” and take on the challenge of growing hydroponically. Because of the terribly bad cold start to the gardening year then […]

Peat to be Banned – For All Plant Growers

Peat to be Banned Peat to be Banned So the government in their wisdom have finally decided to put a time limit on the total ban of using peat. Of course peat has been the central material for all growers and gardeners. Especially for the making of compost. In the past few years then garden […]

Is May Warming Up!

Is May Warming Up! Is May Warming Up! So, as I have mentioned many times 2021 has become one of the coldest on record. Importantly, gardeners and all growers of plants need the weather to be warming up as we get into the month of May. Consequently, I am writing this article half way through […]

Growing Strawberries using Hydroponics

Growing Strawberries using Hydroponics Growing Strawberries using Hydroponics This time of year is synonymous with growing sweet, ripe and succulent strawberries. In my opinion it probably the most liked fruit in the UK. So, it is certainly mine and I have already started the ball rolling by buying some bare rooted plants from the famous […]

The Kratky system

The Kratky system The Kratky system So here we are at the beginning of May 2021. This is important to me because it is my birthday on the 6th. Consequently, I can also remember the weather in that particular week. Traditionally the early may weather is hot and sunny. Unfortunately, according to the forecasters then […]

BioGreen Products

BioGreen Products BioGreen Products When I require anything for my own personnel use when gardening then I visit my closest Hydrostore which is the Leeds store very closely followed by the Wakefield store. Importantly all the Hydrostore shops offer a great range of products for all types of growing whether indoor or out doors. So, […]