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Beginner Peppers

Beginner Peppers Beginner Peppers Hi here is my second Hydrostore blog for the month of April 2021. Once again there are many things that I am learning on my into the world of growing without soil, hydroponics! So if tomatoes are my favourite salad crop then peppers are certainly my second. Peppers provide a massive […]

Long Winter in 2021

Long Winter in 2021 Long Winter in 2021 So, this year has been a long cold winter. Especially for us growers who should be getting growing around this time of year. My own situation is that I have a heated greenhouse for my citrus trees. However it is too cold to move them outside onto […]

Starting my Seeds in Rockwool

Starting my Seeds in Rockwool Starting my Seeds in Rockwool As I write this post we are at the back end of March 2021. The winter here in the North of England has been on the cool side with the odd milder day. Much different to last year when we had only a couple of […]

Growing Basil

Growing Basil Growing Basil So basil is an important herb that we now use in many types of cooking. Unfortunately, I must confess that I not a fan of this important plant. During my learning curb of growing by using hydroponics systems then it is probably the most important herb to grow! There are many […]

Hydrostore-Grey Mould Problem ?

Grey Mould Problem Grey Mould Problem Of course the first time that I can remember this problem was when I was rooting my first Chrysanthemum cuttings. Coincidently, it was also in my first greenhouse. Although still a teenager I rented my first allotment which was next door to my local park in Dewsbury ,West Yorkshire. […]

Hydroponics from the Start-Beginning with growing lettuce.

Hydroponics from the Start Hydroponics from the Start Hi as an older gardener then I have to give some thought into starting off with hydroponics. So, its hard to get into my head that you dont need soil or indeed a garden to grow things. My first hydroponics venture came with growing tomatoes. However this […]


Hydrostore-Potassium Hydrostore-Potassium Of course Potassium is the third important nutrient in my list. This element helps your precious plants to move and form sugars, starches and oils in plants. Thus increasing the plants vigour and also helping in warding off diseases. The correct dose of Potassium will also improve your plants fruit and flower quality. […]


Phosphorus Of course, phosphorus enables a better root and flower growth for your precious plants. Importantly, it also helps your plants cope with certain environmental stresses. Thus phosphorus is an essential part of growing heathy and vigorous plants. Starting with the roots, then Phosphorus is well associated with healthy root development. Plant stalks and stems […]

Hydroponics-Six Important Nutrients-Nitrogen

Hydroponics-Six Important Nutrients-Nitrogen Hydroponics-Six Important Nutrients-Nitrogen So also known as “nitrate” because this is the form of Nitrogen that your precious plants use. Of course Nitrogen is responsible for the strong growth of the plants leaves. Importantly, it is also the reason that the leaves are green coloured. This green colouring helps with the process […]

Growing Food-First time Hydroponics Tomato Growing

Growing Food-First time Hydroponics Tomato Growing Growing Food-First time Hydroponics Tomato Growing So , I am starting off my growing experience by experimentation! In other words I am going to start at the beginning by setting up my own hydroponics planting systems from the very basic ideas available. Of course in the past couple of […]